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Nanosupps - Protein Chips - 40g

Nanosupps - Protein Chips - 40g

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  • Crunchy protein snack
  • Soy free
  • 8g protein per bag
  • Vegan & Vegetarian


CHF1.75 Nanosupps - Protein Chips - 40g NLFN0024

The ideal protein snack for cravings in between: The Nanosupps Protein Chips!

Who doesn't know it: As an ambitious athlete you spend Sunday evening with friends on the sofa and everyone else nibbles on the conventional greasy snacks and nibbles while you do without them yourself. This is now over! We make it possible:

With over 21% protein and only 2.6g fat per portion, the chips are suitable both in structure and for the diet. In addition to the incredible taste, the protein chips are even suitable for vegans! Convince yourself and try the delicious varieties!


Nanosupps was founded in 2108 and is one of the most innovative brands in the dietary supplement industry. Our goal is to make every product something special. Be it the product itself, which impresses with a high degree of innovation, the uncompromising quality of the effect through excellent ingredients or the appearance of the products through an impressive graphic design. Nanosupps has managed to conquer 24 countries in just one year and this is just the beginning.

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