Amino acids

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Amino Acids List: Understanding the Essential Building Blocks of Life

Amino acids list contains the main building blocks of protein, from which muscles and other body tissues are formed. They have a great amount of other essential functions, like participation in the processes by which enzymes and hormones are formed. They are key to muscle growth and repair, food digestion, nutrient absorption, and many other processes.

Exploring the Comprehensive List of Amino Acids and Their Functions

Without these truly microscopic elements, our life would not be possible. They underlie our DNA and genetic code, any breakdown in which can lead to irreversible consequences for the body. 

List of amino acids are most often divided into essential and irreplaceable.

  • Essential or basic amino acids cannot be produced by our body, so we are completely dependent on their supply from the diet and supplements.
  • Essential amino acids can be produced by our body. However, situations may arise when they become necessary and need to be supplemented. This happens especially during periods of growth, under severe stress or during intense sports activities.

Amino Acids Foods: Nourish Your Body with Protein-Rich Sources

Dietary supplements with amino acid protein are used outside of sports and physical activity. For example, theanine acts synergistically with caffeine and affects the slow onset of its action. Carnosine, which is naturally found in muscles and brain, in turn, is valued for its antioxidant properties. Last but not least, tyrosine is used in the body to produce thyroid hormones, as well as adrenaline or dopamine. Thus, amino acid’s foods are suitable for athletes and other people who want to support a certain function and health of the body.

Amino Acids Protein: Unleashing the Power of Amino Acids for Muscle Growth and Recovery

The BCAA subcategory contains products with branched chain amino acids. In particular, these are valine, leucine and isoleucine. They are used during training to protect muscle mass from burning for energy (catabolism). After training, they are ideal for effective support of muscle recovery and growth (anabolism) as part of a post-workout amino acids protein drink.