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NNanosupps - Protein Wraps - (6x40g)

NNanosupps - Protein Wraps - (6x40g)

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Our new protein wraps are not only extremely tasty but also absolutely suitable for diets! Are you in the mood for a hearty wrap again? Or a sweet wrap? Whether as a pizza base, burrito, quesedilla, lasagne, hot dog, kebab, sandwich or dessert. No problem, we will provide you with the perfect basis! With only 4.4 grams of carbohydrates per wrap, 8.8 grams of protein and only 5.2 Gramm of Fat 



CHF3.90 NNanosupps - Protein Wraps - (6x40g) NLPWR0002


Nanosupps was founded in 2108 and is one of the most innovative brands in the dietary supplement industry. Our goal is to make every product something special. Be it the product itself, which impresses with a high degree of innovation, the uncompromising quality of the effect through excellent ingredients or the appearance of the products through an impressive graphic design. Nanosupps has managed to conquer 24 countries in just one year and this is just the beginning.

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